Spot Blaster Pro - Instructions And Tutorials


These instructions are also available in PDF format by clicking here

Caution / Note

Please read all of these instructions before using the Spot Blaster Pro. If during use your skin starts to feel uncomfortable or you or you become concerned, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.

Package Contents

Spot Blaster Pro, Standard treatment tip, Ultra-fine needle tips, USB Charging Cable

Charging / Power On 

The device should be fully charged before first use. Charge unit using USB Charging Cable. Power source can be a computer or AC/DC adaptor.

Indicator lights (1,2,3) will flash green while unit is charging. When fully charged all three lights will be a constant green. Approximately 30 minute charging should provide up to five hours of use.

Unplug charging cable before use. Device will not turn on when in charging mode. Turn on/off device by pressing and holding ON/OFF button for three seconds.

Device will Auto-Power Off after about ten minutes if not in use.
To check the battery level quickly press the ON/OFF button twice when the device is on: battery level will be indicated by the three green lights.

Selecting Ion Tip Size & Power Level

1. Standard point tip - for most uses (moles, warts, granulations, tattoos)

2. Ultra-fine needle - for smaller areas (freckles, sun spots, blood spots, minor blemishes)

>Standard tip can be screwed into device and finger-tightened.

>Needle tip needs to be inserted into collar and then attached to device.

You are advised to clean the tips before and after use with rubbing alcohol / medical cleaning solution.

Turn on device and select treatment power level by repeatedly pressing the ON/OFF button. The red indicator light will show the chosen power level...

1.Low, 2.Medium, 3.High

Start the treatment on the low setting and increase the power to suit your comfort level.



>Keep out of the reach of children and others who don’t know how to use this product.

>Do not over clean the treatment area after using this device (simple cleaning is OK).

>When the scab area is itchy (new skin growing period), do not scratch it. The scab will fall off naturally.

>When not in use for extended periods of time, charge it every 3 to 4 months to ensure battery longevity.

>To avoid injury, do not attempt to take the unit apart for any reason.

>Do not clean this equipment with water or other liquid.

Usage Instructions (Output Ionic Charge)

1. Clean treatment site prior to use

2. Hold the device in your hand in a relaxed manner with your thumb or finger pressing the OUT button. To output ionic charge press and hold OUT button. Red power level indicator will turn green.

3. You can press the button for up to two minutes for continuous output. After two minutes of continuous use the device will stop outputting charge. Release the OUT button for five seconds and then you can begin the next treatment.

4. Hold treatment nib gently against skin blemish and slowly move back and forth until the whole blemish has been treated.

5. As the device touches your skin for the first time you may feel a mild ionic charge on your skin..

6. During treatment you may notice the blemish becoming darker in color. You may also notice a slight burning smell as the upper surface of the skin ionizes.

7. You are strongly advised to first test the treatment process on an inconspicuous area of skin.


Specific Use Cases

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are tiny flaps of skin connected by a thin “stalk”. Generally skin tags can be removed by the Spot Blaster Pro in one session. 1) Make sure the standard tip the unit came with is attached. 2) With a pair of flat edge tweezers pull the tag away from the skin 3) Treat the entire base or stalk of the skin tag with the device until the tag is fully dislodged. 4) The area may scab over. This is normal. It will heal in about 5-10 days.

Mole Removal

If there is a chance that your mole could be cancerous please consult a doctor or a dermatologist before using this device. Moles can vary considerably in their form. The most common difference is whether it sits on the upper level of the skin, dermis, or has ‘roots’ deeper in the epidermis or even the subcutaneous tissue. Even though you may feel the blemish is 'large' you need to treat moles in stages. Gradually treat the surface of the mole and repeat the treatment numerous times (allowing for healing period in between) until the desired results have been obtained.

Granulation Removal

Target the treatment at the root of the granulation root cells. This will encourage these skin cells to die and stop 'feeding' the granulation. A week after treatment you should start to see the edges exfoliate. After healing period, repeat treatment so that granulation tissue gradually reduces in size. If the granulation is large, treat the blemish in sections so that the healing period is shortened.

Tattoo Removal

For most tattoos, divide the surface areas to be treated and address a small section at a time. You can treat different areas of the the tattoo at the same time. Allow time for each area to heal before treating a different part of the tattoo.

What to Expect / After Treatment Care

The treated blemish may turn a darker color during or after the treatment. This will naturally exfoliate and the healing process will begin.  Clean the treated area with your regular cleansing regimen; do not over clean, artificially exfoliate or scratch the treated area.  Allow the area to  naturally exfoliate Once this has happened, allow a healing period for the new skin. 

Repeating Treatment

If the skin blemish was shallow, one treatment may be sufficient for removal. For deeper skin blemishes subsequent treatments may be required. Only treat the same area after the skin has had sufficient time to fully heal. 

Will it work on dogs?

It will work on dogs, but we advise our customers not to use it on any animal.

Will it work on sebaceous hyperplasia?

Yes it will. However, we advise that you try it on an area that is not on the face first so that you can check there is no reaction or unexpected result.

These instructions are also available in PDF format by clicking here

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